Masonic Ring

In the United States, the first thing a master mason most often does upon being raised is go out and get himself a ring. You will find three main varieties - steel, silver and gold. In the near future we will begin offering steel rings but it's unlikely that we will ever carry gold due to it's high cost. For now, we specialize in .925 sterling silver masonic rings.

masonic rings
For the recently raised mason, we recommend this craft signet ring. It's simple and elegant. It refers strictly to the master mason with no symbols other than the square and compass.

If your new the masonry, then there are a few things you should know before buying a ring. First off, generally speaking, masons do not wear a masonic ring until they have completed their third degree. If your already a master mason then your probably ready to buy one right now. There are hundreds of varieties of masonic rings and many of them relate to more than just blue lodge. You will find lots of rings for the appendant bodies such as Knights Templar, Chapter of the Royal Arch, Scottish Rite, York Rite and much more. Even within blue lodge you will find subtle differences in the symbols to denote paster masters.

Master Mason

A ring suitable for the master mason will have the standard square and compass, with or without the G.

Past Master

The square and quadrant or square and compass & quadrant denots a past master. Sometimes this will appear with a sun or G in the center. In some areas the square, compass and quadrant signify a grand master or past grand master.

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